canada goose outlet canada goose outlet My issue with ActivityPub is that it is yet another overengineered specification by w3c that somehow despite being a bloated mess manages to miss important features (such as end to end encryption for DMs or end to end authentication, now you can have admins forging posts in the names of their users and reading their DMs, which is not that big of a threat for the average person when you are in a big semi serious platform like twitter but it is when your admin is some random dude online). In addition it depends on stuff that are universally despised, such as JSON LD, and it forces federation down your throat (you can use it in a distributed way like bittorrent for example, your user is binded to the domain name of your instance). They were left out intentionally because of the complexity involved in decentralized environments.

canada goose store The refugee convention provides certain basic rights, the right to not be arbitrarily detained is one. It is spurious to suggest the current policy is „remarkably generous”. Chris Doyle, Gordon PM SHOULD TRY TWITTER Twitter seems to work too well for Mr Trump. canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka Changes to the National Capital Plan would allow the sites to be rezoned for future use to allow for hotels, offices, health centres and ground floor retail and childcare. Director of the Australian War Memorial, Dr Brendan Nelson described the sale as a „sensible decision which is long overdue”. „I would expect that whatever replaces the existing structures would be sensitive to the iconic nature of the precinct,” Dr Nelson said. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket Attorney General William P. Barr said Wednesday that some of the government imposed restrictions meant to control the spread of covid 19 were „draconian” and suggested that they should be eased next month. Most states have imposed even more aggressive measures, ordering residents to gather only in small groups and venture outdoors for only essential trips or possibly face fines or other penalties.. buy canada goose jacket

uk canada goose outlet Today PaperPolice were forced to watch on from a distance as thousands of people gathered at Eagle Hawk, just outside Canberra on Friday night, for illegal street burnouts. NSW and ACT police had attempted to disperse a crowd of more than 2000 people who had gathered on the Federal Highway Service Rd, outside the Eagle Hawk Hotel, around midnight but had been forced to retreat under a hail of rocks and bottles. In an embarrassing outcome, social media vision taken of the Eagle Hawk incident shows police cars with their lights flashing stationed 400 metres away, while the illegal burnouts continued undeterred. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose sale I actually came to the Raiders to help him to change the club culture in general. „That why I came here, that what he sold about this place, and I been watching him for the past four or five years and learning how he manages everyone. „From the foundation, from his family, us as players, to our coaching staff as well. Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale Seibold said medical staff were confident that former Kiwi international Glenn had not suffered a season ending ACL and would not go under the knife. But it appears a best case scenario would be three weeks on the sidelines and six to 10 weeks at worst. It is another blow for Glenn who has been in and out of the side in his first year as skipper, missing the first two games of the season with a hamstring complaint before spending another fortnight out with a nasty leg gash. canada goose black friday sale Canada Goose Online Article content continuedCoal fired generators produce only about half the power delivered by the province’s transmission grid. To put things in easy numbers, consumption averages about 7 million kWh per hour; coal plants supply about half. Since the price is increased for allsales when coal fired plants set the price, consumers pay about 1.9 cents extra on all 7 million kWh, but the government only gets tax revenue of 1.9 cents on the 3.5 million kWh supplied by coal fired plants, plus 0.4 cents from the gas fired plants.. Canada Goose Online

canada goose It comes amidst calls for a royal commission into the rate of suicides among former defence personnel, including Afghanistan veteran Jesse Bird who took his own life after his claim for permanent impairment was rejected. It also comes after the Commonwealth Ombudsman gave the agency a panning, after it both underpaid a Navy veteran known as „Mr A” more than $500,000 and chased him for $100,000 in debts. Ms Cosson who served in the defence force for 30 years said the agency had made huge changes since both cases, but the Productivity Commission report was a chance to „ramp it up [and] put it on steroids”. canada goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale It is not the ACT government’s role to speed up a commercial process, he said. „The original development application for this proposal was refused in January, 2016. This decision was appealed at ACAT, which provided a consent decision following mediation in July, 2016. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk shop (ps he donated 6 Billion into helping people get good education, a support system for people to help get success)Superstar athletes get to shine with their superior talents only because they had some measure of support in their life to encourage their career and open up the possibilities. This is especially true for countless NBA athletes, many of them having come from poor backgrounds. You won find a single NBA star who doesn acknowledge that their success was made possible through the sacrifices of others in their life canada goose uk shop.

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